"And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world" - John Steinbeck

Aug 27


Sequoia Retreat Center by scissorina on Flickr.

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Chris Brinlee Jr

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I ♥ Greenland by abcpp (2011)

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Aug 26


Skokomish River.
Olympic Mountains, WA (April 26, 2014)

Aug 26

Aug 26

Anonymous: where do you go to college?


Aug 26

I typed out a page-long explanation of why I fucking hate college so far. I’ll just sum it up with this: Despite being flooded with “diverse” international students, 99% of them here are ignorant pricks. This school has more “diversity” than my high school, but the people at my high school were more unique in their lives, backgrounds, habits, and philosophies. They also had respect for others, something that a lot of people here don’t have an ounce of. I can’t even go into respect after what I saw happen to a friend today. More than anything, though, the people here are straight-up consumers. Walking buckets of money that all the businesses simply take advantage of. It’s a fucking joke to watch and I fucking hate it. Everyone here thinks they’re a great, special student walking the perfect path of life but the reality is that they are CONSUMERS.

I can’t stand this. I want to live on my own again. I want to work and live frugally. I want to pursue my interests in my own way. I hate structured learning.

TLDR; college is not diverse. It’s a sea of ignorant, privileged fuckers with the same mindset who listen to whatever a parent/professor says. Maybe they learn, but they don’t think.

I know this is not true across all colleges and it is not true of all students. These are just my observations of the people and systems I have encountered and watched throughout my first week.

My emotions are also getting the better of me (clearly). I stand by what I say but I recognize it may not have been dictated clearly.
Aug 26


Diana, goddess of melancholy

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